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Most organisations invest a significant share of their budgeted costs on recruiting, retaining, engaging and developing their people, so it’s crucial that they make "empowering people" decisions that enable them to achieve their strategic business objectives.

Blue Horizon – Empowering People is a privately-owned consulting partner that has, over the past two decades, helped large and medium-sized organisations across South and southern Africa get the best out of their investment in human capital. We also ensure that organisations are compliant with the latest labour legislation and remuneration reporting requirements.


By challenging traditional approaches to people management, we provide cost-effective, innovative and agile business process-based methodologies that make people a strategic business enabler.


Methodologies are focused on empowering both management and employees and are based on a deep understanding of the client’s business, strategic objectives, structure and business processes.

About us
Value propositon


In our view, the traditional approach to organisation structuring is inadequate. It’s also far from cost-effective. We see ourselves as strategic human capital ‘foundation builders’ and maintain our clients’ foundations for long-term business success.


As a progressive specialist in human capital, we help you to determine whether your organisation structure facilitates your business strategy. We also preserve the integrity of job profiles, grading and pay benchmarks by providing a suite of powerful and flexible methodologies that facilitate your organisation’s business process. In our context a business process-based foundation is the basis for all people processes.

We drive costs down by:

  • Enabling better recruitment decisions

  • Avoiding the unknown fixed payroll cost impacts of structural imparities, weak management decision support, lack of up-to-date information and grade creep

  • Embedding sound corporate governance principles into role definitions so that role segregation is maintained and job roles are clearly delineated

  • Plugging gaps for potential CCMA cases relating to imparity and weak role definition

  • Embedding legislative compliance, parity, fairness and equity in large and geographically distributed organisations.

What we do



Some leaders see human assets as a cost centre rather than a strategic revenue-generating investment. We enable companies to maximise their spend by helping them to make the right people decisions across the human resources spectrum.

Service offering:

  • Organisation structure design aligned with the organisation’s strategy and business model

  • Job analysis and design resulting in meaningful expanded job profiles with embedded leadership and competency models

  • Holistic business process and competency-based performance management for talent acquisition and development

  • Integration with enterprise resource planning

  • Compensation: remuneration and reward strategy and design

  • 360° skills audits and leadership competency assessments

  • Smart graphical elements to convey complex concepts

  • Corporate governance, compliance and risk concepts applied in job analysis

  • Legislative compliant remuneration reporting

  • We partner with leading local remuneration survey companies, based on client needs.

Who we are


Blue Horizon – Empowering People is led by Johan and Joan van der Westhuizen who together have more than four decades of experience in the delivery of human capital solutions to large and medium-sized public and private concerns across multiple sectors. These include, among others, finance and insurance, mining, energy, construction, civil engineering, manufacturing, agriculture and academia.


With bases in Pretoria and Stellenbosch, we partner with clients across South and southern Africa.



Johan graduated from the University of Pretoria with a Master of Commerce Degree in Industrial Psychology and specialises in the strategic facilitation of business and human capital strategies. He has in-depth experience in aligning organisational structures with company objectives, remuneration and reward strategies and the development of evolutionary strategies within the talent spectrum.


He is a master practitioner with the South African Board of People Practice, a master reward specialist with the South African Reward Association and a member of the Institute of Directors of Southern Africa.


Johan is registered as an industrial psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.




Joan has a Bachelor of Social Science from the University of Stellenbosch and a qualification in business systems analysis. Her specialisations include project management and strategy facilitation, business process innovation, systems integration and change management.


Having gained a wealth of experience at organisations including Ernst & Young Management Consulting Services and InfoGold Anglo American, Joan now engages with companies on large-scale projects incorporating organisation structure design, job analysis and systems integration with people requirements.


She is a member of the Institute of Directors Southern Africa.


We enjoy alliances with business partners across industry sectors



Contact Blue Horizon – Empowering People (Pty) Ltd

Johan van der Westhuizen - 082 410 7432

Joan van der Westhuizen - 082 854 0816


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